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Gel Balls or Orbeez are multicolored balls that are also known as water beads and can be shoot with gel blasters. These balls are soaked in water and grow in size. Kids enjoy playing with them and parents sometimes asks are Orbeez edible?. Additionally, water beads also for decorations.

These water beads are non-toxic but not intended to be swallowed. If children eat them, then you do not need to panic. The beads eventually pass through the digestive system and leave with other waste products.

Place them out of reach of toddlers because they have small organs; eating large Orbeez will be dangerous for them. So, besides the excitement of playing with these water beads, parents must keep an eye on their children. Let’s learn all there is to know about them.

Are Orbeez Edible? What happens if you Eat Gel Balls? - Blaster & Toy Guns (1)

What should I do if my child swallows Orbeez?

Orbeez is very attractive to children, and they can bounce and transmit light. It is beautiful to watch these small pallets grow in water. The orbeez provides a candy look, which is why they want to eat them.

Not to mention that younger children would put nearly anything in their mouths to learn more about it, which is how the choking hazard label appeared on all toys with little parts.

If your child accidentally or unintentionally eats these orbeez, there is no need to worry. Orbeez beads are generally not harmful if ingested because they go through the digestive system.

Still, you should take extra precautions with tiny children because they can be hazardous. Water beads will be gradually removed during digestion because they do not decompose.

The problem occurs when they eat large size orbeez. Water beads must grow to their standard size, and if they grow extra large, then they will cause suffocation for smaller kids.

The situation may become even more hazardous if the child has ingested multiple beads. In such cases, it is advisable to seek medical assistance. Remember that Orbeez is not radiopaque, so that an X-ray won’t reveal them.

When you are going for a medical check-up, bring some beads to show the doctor what your kids have eaten. If you have placed them in jars for decoration purposes, keep them out of reach of children.

Are orbeez safe to eat?

Orbeez are non toxic in nature and are safe in case someone accidently eat them. But it is not recommended to eat gel balls because at the end they are polymer substance which is chemical in nature.

There are choking hazards if a kid eats them. They can excrete from digestive system but if they stuck in throat, it is alarming. Do not give water beads to toddlers or younger kids.

What to do if Gel Balls are stuck in the ear or nose?

Several cases have been reported in which orbeez are stuck in the nose or ear of children. In such cases, you must consult a doctor and try to remove them yourself. It will take them far away and can block the cavity.

Some methods can remove an Orbeez bead from the ear more quickly. Be aware that a doctor should conduct this and not at home. Alcohol shrinks Orbeez by 25% while water increases its size. Drop four drops of alcohol on cotton buds and place them in the ear canal for 15 minutes.

Remember that this method can only be used if the eardrum is not perforated or holed. Otherwise, there can be a health risk. Remember that saline solution should be prevented as well as the use of an ear suction to remove Orbeez from the ear.

Please do not try to stick gel balls in your private areas, as they can cause infection or any other disease.

How can we say that Orbeez are also Water Beads?

Orbeez is also water beads because they have the same shape and size as a water bead. These are not only water beads; they also have many other uses. These gel balls can be used to spruce up your home or yard.

Or you might use it as a plaything for your children. They are made from a unique formulation that allows them to absorb water and expand. Kids can perform several science experiments with orbeez and water beads.

The Orbeez balls are entirely safe for children to play with and can be used in the bathtub or pool. They also float on water, so they won’t sink when dropped into a pool or tub. You can play with any of the several sorts of balls.

However, the most crucial thing to remember is that it can only increase in size by an average level. So, it removes the danger if eaten by kids. Other water beads can expand to 57 mm in diameter when submerged, which is extremely dangerous for humans and animals if ingested or inhaled.

It is advised to choose larger water pellets only if you are confident they’ll be out of the kid’s reach, such as if you plan to use them as flower organizers.

What to do if dogs eat Orbeez or gel balls?

If your dog eats orbeez balls, it is a threat to them. They can grow further and will block the intestine. They come into contact with gastric secretions when they reach your dog’s stomach. These juices provide the same functions as water.

The beads will expand to several times their original size after absorbing the moisture. Only small pieces of food can pass through the dog’s small intestine. These big beads will obstruct the way and cannot pass through their digestive system.

Things to do if your pet swallows Orbeez or gel balls.

Call Vet

Call your veterinary doctor right away and tell them what happened. They could have some ideas on how to stop this from occurring. Suppose they feel that there is no medical reason for coming out and seeing your pet.

In that case, they may prescribe medicine you can take home and administer yourself. While your dog is dozing or taking a break, keep an eye on him. You must examine him right away if you see any strange behavior or indications of pain.

Induce Vomiting

Vomiting is the best way to remove these water beads from dogs’ stomachs. If your dog has eaten something, it shouldn’t have in less than two hours, and you can usually make vomit it.

It’s critical to induce vomiting in this situation quite rapidly. Orbeez reaches their full size in around 4 hours when submerged in water; however, it is unknown how quickly or how quickly they will expand within your dog’s stomach.

Give a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide if 1-2 hours pass away after swallowing water beads. It will create bubbles and cause the dog’s stomach to vomit. Thus, these orbeez will come out from the stomach. Almost 15-20 minutes take place for vomiting.


Orbeez are fun balls for children and adult to release stress, and love to watch them grow in water. Sometimes you find them scattered on the floor, but that is not a real problem because you can pick them up quickly.

The problem occurs when any toddler eats them. That is not false that Orbeez is non-toxic, but they are made up of chemicals, so do not allow your children to eat them.

Before using any toy, you must read its precautions. So, you will use them carefully. However, Orbeez has evolved over many years, and people know enough about them. Most parents buy them for their children as gifts and fill them with balloons.

Water beads are used in different games like shooting gel blasters. In which kids shoots gel balls with guns and have fun. These are similar to nerf blasters and guns but the only difference is these blasters shoot beads rather than nerf darts.


Yes, orbeez can dry out if you put them out of water or in sunlight. They can shrink to their original size. This is the most exciting thing that you will find in them. You can put them in a jar once they have dried out.

Place them in water so they can grow once again when you wish to play with them. Ensure that orbeez absorbs a large amount of water, so keep checking on and add more water after regular intervals. The water must be cold and warm, not hot.

Most people use water beads to release water into the soil for agricultural purposes. You can use them in your garden. Fill your vase with orbeez and take care of them.

Incorporate Orbeez into your garden’s soil or use them to replenish the soil in your houseplants. They are 100% compostable so that they won’t harm your plants, and they are non-toxic so that they won’t harm your plants.

Sometimes children make a mistake and feel drained as a whole. They are stuck in a pipe and cause problems, so you must dissolve gel beads.

You can disintegrate the Orbeez layer by layer using a solution of vinegar and baking soda, so you might have to do it more than once. Alcohol is also used for this purpose.

No, Orbeez or water beads are not safe for animals, especially pets. However, it is best to avoid giving them directly to pets as they may ingest the beads, which can cause choking if they swallow them whole.

If pets eat them, their stomach only passes small pieces of food so medical treatment will require it. You can give a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which will create bubbles and induce vomiting.

Orbeez may expand in stomach if there is water present, otherwise the digestive system of stomach will melt it down and excrete through digestive system. The stomach acid will dissolve the gel balls.

No, water beads are made up of polymer and simple xray machine cannot detect gel balls.


Are Orbeez Edible? What happens if you Eat Gel Balls? - Blaster & Toy Guns? ›

Another important features that makes Orbeez suitable for kids is that they are non-toxic, do not pose any danger of poisoning and will not be absorbed by the body even if inhaled or swallowed.

What happens if you swallow a gel blaster ball? ›

As we mentioned before, these water beads are non-toxic. So they're technically safe if you accidentally swallowed them somehow.

Are gel balls bad to eat? ›

Silica gel is chemically inert. This means it won't break down in the body and cause poisoning. However, because it won't break down, the gel or packet and gel can cause choking. That's why manufacturers often label them with “Do not eat” or “Throw away after using.”

Are Orbeez water beads toxic? ›

Even though the polymers used to create water beads are non-toxic, they can absorb liquid and expand in the intestinal tract after someone swallows them. This can cause severe and sometimes life-threatening intestinal blockage due to the size of the bead.

What are Orbeez balls made of? ›

They're made from a polymer consisting of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water. To make colorful water beads a colorant is added to Orbeez to give them their bright color and make them more attractive to children. Despite Orbeez being non-toxic, they are dangerous if swallowed and can be a choking hazard.

What would happen if you ate Orbeez? ›

As a whole, Orbeez beads are not dangerous if swallowed as they will pass through the digestive tract, however with smaller kids you need to be extra cautious as they can pose danger. As Orbeez do not break down they will be naturally eliminated through the digestive process.

Is Orbeez edible? ›

All genuine Orbeez are non-toxic, do not clump and are expected to breakdown in gastro fluid. As with any foreign object, however, if a substantial number of Orbeez are swallowed, we advise consumers to seek immediate medical attention for the advice of a medical professional.

Are gel blaster balls safe? ›

Are Gel Blasters safe? Absolutely. Gellets® are soft and squishy, but they do travel up to 170fps, meaning they will sting a bit when they hit you. We recommend wearing long sleeves and pants when playing to negate some of that sting, especially for smaller children, and ALWAYS wear protective eyewear.

Are water beads toxic for kids? ›

Why water beads can be dangerous for young children. The problem is that because water beads look like candy, young children may be tempted to swallow them. Kids also have put them in their ears, and even inhaled them. The beads can continue to grow once inside the body, causing blockages and life-threatening damage.

Are gel balls toxic to babies? ›

Yes. Swallowing water beads can cause life-threatening intestinal damage. At least one death has occurred after water bead ingestion by a child. In that case, a 6-month-old boy suffered a bowel blockage after swallowing a single superabsorbent polymer bead given to him by a neighbor.

What to do if your child swallows an Orbeez? ›

If a parent discovers that their child has swallowed water beads, they should call poison control immediately at 800-222-1222 and take their child to the emergency room right away.

Can Orbeez absorb urine? ›

My initial thought was to get her out and strain them into a colander to rinse them, clean the pool and they can play. But no. You see, Orbeez absorb liquid and pee is not an exception.

What is the point of Orbeez? ›

Orbeez are superabsorbent polymers that grow to 100 times their original size when submerged in water. They absorb liquids and a version of Orbeez are used in babies' nappies to keep them dry. Why were they created? They were originally invented as a way to keep moisture in soil for plants.

What is the difference between Orbeez and gel beads? ›

Really, there is no difference at all! They are both made from non-toxic materials, expand when soaked in water, and can be used for a variety of purposes. They're the same size, the same shape, and create the same fun.

What can I do with crushed Orbeez? ›

Squish them like putty, they can be soaked up with your fingers like clay and popped on their own like popcorn. The little polymer balls are also safe and non-toxic which makes them great for the entire family. Orbeez are fun for kids of all ages (and even adults!).

How long can Orbeez stay in water? ›

Note: Leaving beads in water for too long can cause the beads to break very easily or mold. Beads that are fully soaked should not be kept in water for more than 2 days. However, beads may be dried and re-soaked if you wish to reuse them.

How long does it take to pass an Orbeez? ›

What Is The Process Of Passing Orbeez Once They Have Made It To The Stomach? Any Orbeez that aren't vomited out will pass through you over the next 48 hours or so. Thankfully, Orbeez are non toxic and won't react with anything in your body.

How do I know if my child swallowed Orbeez? ›

Drooling. Vomiting. Wheezing. Complaints that something is stuck in the throat or chest.

Are water beads and Orbeez the same thing? ›

Water beads are water-absorbing beads made from super absorbent polymer, often marketed as toys or learning aids. Water beads have many names, including but not limited to jelly beads, water orbs, hydro orbs, polymer beads, gel beads, and Orbeez.

Can Orbeez sit in water? ›

Soak the Orbeez in the water for at least 2 hours.

The Orbeez will slowly grow to about 100 times their original size. Check on them every hour to make sure they're still covered in water.

Can you crush Orbeez? ›

Press the XL CARTRIDGE down into XL CRUSH TUBE to crush the ORBEEZ.

Are Orbeez guns illegal? ›

"Even though this is not considered a deadly weapon, firing Orbeez at individuals is a crime and individuals can be held responsible.

Are gel ball guns safe for kids? ›

Overall, Gel Blasters are a safe toy for kids to play with if proper safety measures are taken. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential dangers associated with these toys. Gel Blasters should only be used in supervised areas, and kids should be taught about gun safety before using them.

Are gel blasters legal in US? ›

Yes, gel blasters are 100% legal in the United States. This is mainly because of the type of projectiles that gel blasters use, which are super-absorbent water beads that have little to no risk of causing an injury.

How do you get Orbeez out of your ear? ›

Place four drops of alcohol on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball in the ear canal for approximately 15 minutes. Then, the Orbeez™ can be removed by the physician (ENT). Saline Solution is NOT recommended. An ear vacuum is NOT recommended.

Are water beads safe for 2 year olds? ›

They are used in sensory play in both home and daycare/school settings and are marketed as non-toxic. However, water beads can be very hazardous, especially to small children, if swallowed,” said Amy Schopperth a trauma program manager.

What are water babies made of? ›

Water Babies' Fish Family are made from 100% natural latex rubber from the Hevea tree. The range is Phthalate free.

How do I know if my child swallowed water beads? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says warning signs that a child may have swallowed water beads are: Refusing to eat. Lethargy. Drooling.

Do gel balls expire? ›

The lifespan of a gel ball depends on how it is stored. If it is kept in a cool, dry place, it will last for approximately six months. However, if it is stored in a warm, humid place, it will only last for about three months.

Does gel blaster balls hurt? ›

So, the question is: does getting hit with gel ball blasters hurt? Just like any projectile, these gel balls can sting upon impact–but only a little bit. Users have noted that they feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin more than anything.

Are Orbeez made of plastic? ›

Although it looks like plastic materials, Orbeez, however, is not plastic materials. So, if not plastic, what material do they come from? Manufacturers make Orbeez with a polymer. But these polymer beads are like hydrogel, which can absorb a lot of water.

How big can Orbeez get? ›

Make sure you are using clean, distilled water, when growing your Orbeez™ as they can grow to a maximum diameter of 14mm.

Do water beads dissolve in stomach? ›

Water beads are designed to expand in water. So, when ingested, they can expand enough in a few hours to block the intestine or airway of a small child. If the water bead does not pass through the digestive system, surgery is needed to remove them.

How long can Orbeez last without water? ›

If Orbeez™ are left in the sun or in an open container they will dry out. Orbeez™ can dry out within a day if left in the direct sunlight. In a closed container out of the sun, Orbeez™ can last for weeks or even months. If your Orbeez™ have dried out, simply place them in a bowl with water to regrow them.

Do Orbeez grow faster in hot water? ›

Orbeez Tip: Use cold or warm water for best results when growing Orbeez (not hot or boiling water). Expect More, Pay Less.

What is the life of Orbeez? ›

Depending on the usage of the water beads, they have а different lifespan. If used in Light-up products, grown Orbeez can last several months provided that they are not exposed to air. If used for decoration, Orbeez can last for approximately 1 or 2 years, because of their exposure to light.

What is the best thing to do with Orbeez? ›

5 fun crafts you can make with Orbeez
  • Orbeez Galaxy Jars. Hold the whole universe in a jar! ...
  • Elf In The Orbeez. The elf on the shelf found a new place to hide this year! ...
  • Orbeez Lava Lamp. Experience the calming effects of a lava lamp with this activity. ...
  • Orbeez Slime. ...
  • Orbeez Keychains.
Jan 18, 2022

How far does a Orbeez gun shoot? ›

How far can these guns shoot? Thanks to the powerful battery, these guns shoot water beads as far as 32 feet. Are the water beads biodegradable? Orbeez are made of eco-friendly material and are 100% biodegradable.

What happens if you put Orbeez in salt water? ›

The giant Orbeez in the sparkling water grew faster and larger than they did in the other liquids. The tap water came in second, and the saltwater solution Page 5 slowed the growth of the giant Orbeez and didn't allow it to become as large as the other two giant Orbeez.

What happens to Orbeez when they go down the drain? ›

However, since Orbeez can swell up to 150 times their original size when in water, throwing them down a sink or toilet is not a good idea. When Orbeez get in contact with water, they will swell up and cause possible clogging. Learning just how much plumbing problems Orbeez can cause from experience can be painful.

What happens to Orbeez when they get wet? ›

The beads are made of non-toxic super-absorbent polymers (SAPs) which when soaked in water can grow up to 200 to 400 times their original size into jelly like orbs. They are sold as children's toys, crafts, and are used in vases and gardens.

Can Orbeez grow back? ›

Yes, they can be rehydrated and reused by adding a small amount of water. Place your Orbeez™ in a bowl and add water to regrow them.

How can you make Orbeez grow bigger? ›

The purer the water, the larger the Orbeez™ will grow. This is because the ionic / mineral content of the water affects the size. Make sure you are using clean, distilled water, when growing your Orbeez™ as they can grow to a maximum diameter of 14mm.

Does Orbeez leave a mess? ›

No, Orbeez™ do NOT stain! They are not messy and are easy to pick up. Unlike many other activity toys and compounds, Orbeez™ do not stick to clothing or carpeting. Orbeez™ are slippery and should be removed from the floor to prevent slipping.

Do gel gun balls dissolve? ›

In short, gel balls do dissolve upon impact, but the speed at which this occurs depends on a few different factors. The first factor that affects the dissolving process is the surface area of the ball. The more contact that the ball has with the surface it is impacting, the faster it will dissolve.

How long do gel blaster balls take to dissolve? ›

In most cases, gel balls reach their maximum absorbing limit after 4 to 5 hours. But for best results, we recommend soaking your gel balls overnight. After you soak your gel balls, use a strainer or sieve to remove excess water before playing.

Are gel blaster gels toxic? ›

Gel Blasters are new revolutionary toy blasters that blast non-toxic, eco-friendly, Gellets®. They're safe for people, pets and the environment! Gellets® are colorful absorbent beads that disintegrate on contact and begin their dehydration process, leaving no stain, no mess and no clean up.

Do gel blaster balls disintegrate? ›

Gel balls are biodegradable water hydrating pellets that safely disintegrate on impact. Gel balls range in size between 1-2mm. Before you get to use them, we soak them in water so that they swell to 7-8mm diameter. These small, colorful gellets are all natural, non-toxic, non-irritating, starch-based material.

Do water bead gel guns hurt? ›

Orbeez are squishy but can cause injury when shot out of an airsoft gun. Since the gel balls are essentially water pellets, some people have taken to freezing them to make the impact more painful.

What happens if you leave gel balls in water? ›

Gels grown for 3.5 hours or more can be stored in water, but will swell to 7.5-7.6mm and lose some strength, so it is recommended to grow the White Pearl gels for same or next day use.

Do gel ball blaster guns hurt? ›

By now, the answer is clear: gel blasters can hurt–but only by a little bit. More often than not, the pain is so minor that you may not even have time to notice it. The sting is enough to make the game exciting, but definitely not enough to cause serious harm as long as you use your gel blaster properly.

What comes out of a gel blaster? ›

  • UNBOX AND GET BLASTING: The rechargeable Gel Blaster Surge shoots water based beads or “Gellets” that burst on impact. ...
  • NO MESS & ECO FRIENDLY: Soak our Gellets in water for 2+ hours and watch your ammo grow! ...
  • SEMI TO FULL AUTO ACTION: Features 2 “Blast Modes” for enhanced combat strategy.

Are gel guns safe for kids? ›

Overall, Gel Blasters are a safe toy for kids to play with if proper safety measures are taken. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential dangers associated with these toys. Gel Blasters should only be used in supervised areas, and kids should be taught about gun safety before using them.

Are gel guns legal? ›

Yes, gel blasters are 100% legal in the United States. This is mainly because of the type of projectiles that gel blasters use, which are super-absorbent water beads that have little to no risk of causing an injury.

What age do you have to be to have a gel blaster? ›

This is absolutely safe for your kids with protective goggles, It is recommended to use the gel ball blaster with age over 12.
Product Dimensions‎14.17 x 9.84 x 1.57 inches
Item model number‎WUZI-P-1
Manufacturer recommended age‎12 years and up
11 more rows

Is it bad to dry fire a gel blaster? ›

Blaster Care/Maintenance

Do not leave Gel Balls in Blaster for extended periods if not in use. Remove battery from Blaster when not in use. Do not dry-fire. Do not block barrel while firing.

What is the hardest hitting gel blaster? ›

Long Range & High Muzzle Velocity: UnlocX gel ball blaster gun shoots up to 11 gel balls per second, the fastest ever velocity of 200 feet per second.


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