Where to find conch retrospection genshin? (2023)

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You unlock Conch Retrospections by collecting different Echoing Conches. These Echoing Conches are scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago, and more Echoing Conches show up with each act of the Midsummer Island Adventure!

Where is the conch retrospection Genshin impact?

Conch locations Chapter IV: My “Hero”

  • Conch 1: The General. It's on top of the western Pudding Isle peak.
  • Conch 2: Stoic Bloom. Northwest on the island, just before the old pillar.
  • Conch 3: Homeland. Walk to the stone ruins southwest of the island. Find the Conch in the sand on your right.

Where do I find conch Genshin?

The Mysterious Conch shells appear to only spawn on the beach and in shallow waters surrounding the peninsula. Here are several area marked where players may be able to find some of these shells either on the beach or walkable-level ocean water. Look for little sparkles to denote the locations of the shells.

Where is the last echoing conch?

On the small island off the eastern coast of Minacious Isle, there's a conch on the beach. Next, on the central platform, there's an echoing conch in the bushes on the southwest side. Then the final echoing conch that's currently available is located on the northern beach of the central platform.

Where is conch 5 3?

Conch 5-3: Located on Twinning Island. There will be a cave that players can access by breaking the entrance. Inside will be the conch.

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How do you unlock conch retrospection?

You unlock Conch Retrospections by collecting different Echoing Conches. These Echoing Conches are scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago, and more Echoing Conches show up with each act of the Midsummer Island Adventure!

How do you get conch on twinning Isle?

Twinning Isle Conch Locations

The Clan of Song, Scattered: Located west of the Teleport Waypoint. Moon and Wind: Teleport to the waypoint, jump, and glide down until you see a hole in the rock formation. Break the rocks to enter the hidden area with the Conch.

What are in conch shells?

A conch is a sea snail in the phylum Mollusca. A conch shell has superior strength and is used as musical instrument or decoration. It consists of about 95% calcium carbonate and 5% organic matter. The conch meat is edible.

How do you get a shiny in flotsam?

To get Shiny Flotsam in Genshin Impact, players will need to have fully explored the Golden Apple Archipelago. Once that is done, players will be able to head over to the hilichurl icons on the map.

Why is conch so expensive?

Harvested by teams of fishermen, a single, elusive conch pearl is found in every 10-15,000 shells, although less than 10% of these are gem quality. This, together with its unusual colour, makes the conch pearl extremely desirable.

Where are all the conch shells in Genshin impact?

Echoing Conch Detailed Locations

  1. 1-1. Below the mountain.
  2. 1-2. Top of the mountain near a treasure chest.
  3. 1-3. Climb the mountain to obtain.
  4. 1-4. Check the side of the mountain.
  5. 1-5. The side of the mountain.
  6. 2-1.In the middle part of the island.
  7. 2-2.At the top of the mountain.
  8. 3-1. The right side of the ruins.

Where can I buy a star conch?

Starconch is commonly found on Liyue's beaches, from Yaoguang Shoal to Guyun Stone Forest beaches. They can also be found in the Sea of Clouds, east of the Teleport Waypoint. Some Starconchs can also be found around Dragonspine's icy shores, closer to Liyue. Players can now purchase it from Bolai since version 1.4.

How do you get Primogems fast?

Primogems from Events

One of the easiest ways to get free Primogems is by participating in various Genshin Impact events! Accomplishing event quests and seeing an event through rewards players with Primogems generously.

Where is the other half of the ship Genshin?

The second half of this ship can be located to the west of the Twinning Isle and is high above the rest of the island, which can make getting to it a bit of a climb. Once players are there, they simply need to interact with the ship wreckage to complete this part of the quest.

How do you get all echoing conches Genshin?

After completing Act 1 of the Golden Apple Archipelago event quests, five Echoing Conches will appear. After completing Act 2, 23 more will appear, bringing the total up to 28 Echoing Conches. Once you finish Act 3 of the event quests, 4 more conches will appear.

What do I do with shiny flotsam?

Shiny Flotsam can be spent on the Event Item shop for the Midsummer Island Adventure. This shop contains a variety of items you may wish to purchase using the Shiny Flotsam you collect.

What is shiny flotsam in Genshin impact?

Shiny Flotsam is a new event currency in Genshin Impact that is earned by completing one of the new activities within the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Version 1.6. Shiny Flotsam is not only easy to earn, but you can grab enough to purchase everything within the event shop in less than an hour.

How do you get shiny flotsam and mini Harpastum?

Event Shop Exchange

There are two event shops that you can use to buy items like Talent Level-up Materials and a new weapon for Klee called "Dodoco Tales". You can collect Shiny Flotsam by defeating enemies on Act I, and you can get Mini "Harpastum" by clearing monster camps in Act IV.

Is it illegal to take a conch shell?

Conch shells and shell jewelry are sold to tourists and the live animals are used for the aquarium trade. ... Queen conch was once found in high numbers in the Florida Keys but, due to a collapse in conch fisheries in the 1970s, it is now illegal to commercially or recreationally harvest queen conch in that state.

Is conch healthy to eat?

Health Benefits

Queen conch is a good low-fat source of protein. It is high in vitamins E and B12, magnesium, selenium, and folate, but is also high in cholesterol.

Are conch male or female?


Queen conchs are with distinctly male or distinctly female and reproduce through internal fertilization. After mating, the females lay long gelatinous strings (up to 75 feet). These strings become egg mass by mixing with the surrounding sand to form compact egg masses.

How do you get the moon and wind conch?

"Moon and Wind," Twinning Isle (upper island)

Drop down here and destroy the rocks in your path to find the conch, along with a journal (unlocks the A Trip Through Fog and Wind quest).

What is the code to the locked chest Genshin?

What's the code to unlock the locked chest in Genshin Impact

The code to unlock the hidden chest on Twiining Island in Genshin Impact is 5-2-1-4. If players have not explored this area, then here's how to find the locked chest in the Golden Apple Arhipelago.

How do you unlock twinning Isle Genshin?

To unlock the world quest, you'll need to find a specific Echoing Conch on Twinning Isle. After you find the conch, you'll be directed to a small island within the Twinning Isle area, where a Hilichurl is digging. Defeat the Hilichurl and interact with the area, which will prompt you to dig.


Where to find 20 conches Genshin? ›

All 20 Phantasmal Conches can be found in the Golden Apple Archipelago collection of islands, although only 14 Conches can be found without completing the Summertime Odyssey domain event quests. To get to the Golden Apple Archipelago islands, you need to start the Summertime Odyssey event from the Event menu.

Where are the last 6 conches Genshin? ›

The final six Phantasmal Conches can only be unlocked by playing through the Summertime Odyssey quests. This is how you find them: As the Poet Plies Parts of Ether and Earth. Inside Kazuha's Domain.

Where is the 15 conch Genshin? ›

The 15th Phantasmal Conch is in the final phase of Kazuha's domain quest, As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared.

Where are the 16 conches in Genshin impact? ›

Genshin Impact players who have been hunting for their 16th conch can easily grab it by heading to the Broken Isle to pick up the Central Camp Image 2 hidden on the island. To grab this hidden conch, fans will need to complete an easy puzzle after finishing Xinyan's Golden Apple Archipelago sidequest.

Are there only 14 conches in Genshin? ›

There are 20 conches total, the last four of which can be found in domains related to the event's featured characters. These are the “Sojourner's Song” conches in the Resonating Visions event menu. Only 14 of the 16 “The Photographer's Words” conches can be found without playing through any of the event quests.

Where is the 14th Phantasmal conch? ›

The last Phantasmal Conch that can be collected today is located in the middle of the map on an unnamed island. The location is very easy to spot and is near the waypoint.

Where are the last 3 Phantasmal Conches? ›

Three more Phantasmal Conches are located in the northeast, on Twinning Isle. One conch is on the southeast side of the isle, while the other two are bear to each other on the northwest side of the isle. Two conches are at ground level but, sadly, obtaining the third will require a decent amount of climbing.

Do conches respawn? ›

Remember, the conches will respawn around every two to three real-world days. Because of this, I recommend hitting both areas areas.

Where are all the conches day 2? ›

The day two conch is hidden in the expanded Pudding Isle. You can either find the conch as you complete the quest for the first time, or by going back to it. With the new southeast island extension showing on your minimap, glide down from the Pudding Isle waypoint.

Can you get the Fischl skin yet? ›

After you complete the first quest in the event, Summertime Odyssey I, you end up in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Open the event menu, and choose “Resonating Visions” to see an overview of the event's rewards. To get the Fischl Skin, you need to collect 16 Phantasmal Conch shells.

Is there a conch in Kazuha's domain? ›

The Phantasmal Conch will be located in Kazuha's Domain, although players don't have to worry about it being out of reach. What's important is that they complete the first two parts of As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared, as that's required to access the third quest in this series.

How many conches are available in Genshin 2.8 Day 2? ›

More Phantasmal Conches spawn daily throughout Fischl's Resonating Visions event in version 2.8, which started on July 15, 2022. Day 1 brought 14 Phantasmal Conches into the Golden Apple Archipelago, with Day 2 adding one, and Days 3 and 4 two conches each. Finally, Day 5 opened the way to the final conch.

Can you buy conches Genshin? ›

There are three ways to get Starconch in Genshin Impact: Purchase it from Wanyou Boutique in Liyue. Farm the beaches of Liyue. Travel to another player's world in co-op and pick them up from their Liyue beaches.

How do I find my lost conches? ›

The Misplaced Conch can be acquired upon interacting with the Imaging Conch atop the mountain in Minacious Isle. A short cutscene will play before acquiring the Misplaced Conch.

What is the plural of conch? ›

noun. plural conchs /ˈkɑːŋks/ or conches /ˈkɑːntʃəz/

How do you get the last conch? ›

This conch is only available after completing the Xinyan part of the event, “Blazin' Trails,” and it's locked behind a puzzle on Broken Isle that involves fire pillars. The cavern with the shell inside it is only accessible when the island is set up with the shorter western mountain.

Where is Mona's conch? ›

It will be the first one on your left when you enter Mona's Domain. Proceed through the hallway and go up the stairs. Eventually, you will be in another hallway near a Door of Resurrection. A bluish path will light up before you, leading you to some platforms.

How many mysterious conches per day? ›

Four of these shells will respawn every day in random spots, giving players access to more of Takashi's treasures in his home.

Where is Xinyan's conch shell? ›

As the Virtuoso Vouches for Verity and Valor, Echoing Conch (Xinyan's domain) This day three Echoing Conch is inside of Xinyan's domain, “The Islands' Stirring Strings.” After completing the bulk of the domain, enter the door to the right of the entrance to the ice flower's room.

Do they farm raise conch? ›

To farm queen conch, the fishers harvest conch egg masses from the ocean, which are then placed in incubator cylinders in the hatchery. Once hatched, the free-swimming larval conch feed on phytoplankton. They live in the hatchery larval tanks for 21 days until they are ready to settle and become bottom-dwelling snails.

How old is Fischl canonically? ›

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
Fischl165'0.5" / 153.6cm
Ganyu3000+5'3" / 160cm
Gorou16/175'3" / 161 cm
Heizou205'4" / 162 cm
56 more rows

Is Fischl still free? ›

Fischl has been in Genshin Impact since the game's launch, but if you're a newer player, or still need her Stella Fortuna, you can take part in the Summertime Odyssey event in version 2.8 to get Fischl for free.

How many Genesis crystals for $1 dollar? ›

Normal Purchases (USD)
CrystalsPriceCrystals / dollar
2 more rows

What domain is Scaramouche Genshin? ›

Genshin Balladeer (Scaramouche) Boss Unlock

You'll fight him during this quest, but you won't be able to find the domain until after it. Once this quest is done, you can find the domain to the west of Sumeru City.

How many Primogems was in Kazuha domain? ›

After the scene with Kazuha ends, you receive: 30 Primogems.

Is there a phantasmal conch in Xinyans domain? ›

Phantasmal Conch in Blazin' Trails domain

The first one is located inside Xinyan's domain, 'Blazin Trails'. To re-enter the domain, Travelers can teleport to the drum icon on the map and interact with the drum in the Broken Isle.

How many conches does Childe need? ›

Childe is expected to require 168 total Starconches to unlock all his level caps.

How many primos can you get from 2.8 Genshin? ›

F2P players can earn around 10,000 Primogems in the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 2.8 while P2P Travelers can get 16,000 Primogems.

What is Yelan's job? ›

She is a mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, but comes out as a non-entity on their list. She also claims to work for the Yanshang Teahouse, but only uses it for her true job, an intelligence agent collaborating with Ningguang.

Who uses Starconch? ›

Starconch is a character Ascension material, but until the Genshin Impact version 2.7 update, Childe (Tartaglia) was the only character who actually used it. Yelan, another Hydro bow user, also needs Starconch.

Who needs Runic Fang? ›

Genshin Impact Runic Fangs are an essential resource to find as you'll need them to help you strengthen Heizou, Shinobu, and Yelan. However, they will be hard to obtain in Genshin Impact as you need to defeat a mighty boss.

Which conch is rare? ›

Pearls from the queen conch, S. gigas, are rare and have been collectors' items since Victorian times.

Can you find pearl in conch? ›

Conch "pearls" are calcareous concretions produced by the Queen conch molliisk, Strombus gigas, which is found in various areas of the Caribbean. Although conch "pearls" occur in a range of colors, the pink are usually the most desirable. "Pearls" over 10 ct are rare, but they have been observed as large as 45 ct.

Where can I farm mysterious conches? ›

Mysterious Conch is a quest item that can be obtained by investigating set locations on the northern tidal flats and shore of Tatarasuna, Inazuma.

Why is it called conch? ›

After the American Revolution, many loyalists migrated to the Bahamas. Some of the loyalists looked down on the original white Bahamians and called them Conchs, possibly because shellfish was a prominent part of their diet.

What is conch called in English? ›

(kɒntʃ , kɒŋk ) Word forms: plural conches. countable noun. A conch is a shellfish with a large shell rather like a snail's. A conch or a conch shell is the shell of this creature.

Can you eat a conch? ›

If you don't know what conch is, it is a sea snail that we consume in a plethora of ways. It can be eaten raw, fried, steamed, stewed and even as a salad! Here are 5 ways to have conch on your visit to The Bahamas.

How many conches can you get in Genshin? ›

Our Genshin Impact guide lists out where to find every conch in the Golden Apple Archipelago. You only need 16 Phantasmal Conches to claim Fischl's free skin and Primogems, but you'll get some extra Mora and weapon EXP if you find all 20.

What are the locations of mysterious conches? ›

Conch Locations can be found around Takashi's area, search around the shallow area of the beach and also in the shores.

How do you unlock Fischl skin? ›

To get the Fischl Skin, you need to collect 16 Phantasmal Conch shells. The event's first day includes 14 Phantasmal Conch locations and the remainder will show up in the coming days when you get access to more islands in the archipelago.

Where is the conch after the quest? ›

As you may have guessed, the final Phantasmal Conch is located inside Mona's mirage. After completing the main quest inside the mirage, return to it from Minacious Isle.

How many primos can you get? ›

You get a total of four Daily Commissions each day. Each mission is usually very quick to complete, with each earning 10 Primogems. Once you've completed all Daily Commissions, report to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild and she'll reward you with 20 Primogems, so you can always earn at least 60 Primogems each day.

Does anyone sell Starconch Genshin? ›

Each Starconch costs 1000 Mora and can be purchased once every week. The Wanyou Boutique's boss is Bolai. If you've completed Ganyu's tale quest, you'll recognise him. His shop is located on the docks of Liyue Harbor.

Where are the last 2 echoing conches? ›

Echoing Conch Detailed Locations
  • 1-1. Below the mountain.
  • 1-2. Top of the mountain near a treasure chest.
  • 1-3. Climb the mountain to obtain.
  • 1-4. Check the side of the mountain.
  • 1-5. The side of the mountain.
  • 2-1.In the middle part of the island.
  • 2-2.At the top of the mountain.
  • 3-1. The right side of the ruins.
Jul 18, 2022

Where is Fischl conch shell? ›

Fischl's Domain also has one conch, in phase two. After the first object puzzle, you enter a courtyard area with a table near some flowers. The conch is on the table. The second conch only appears after you finish the Domain.


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